Premiere for PA Foam – Asahi Kasei at Foam Expo Europe 2019


From 10 to 12 September, the Japanese technology company Asahi Kasei presents its high-performance foam materials SunForce and, for the first time, PA Foam – the world’s first polyamide bead foam – at the Foam Expo Europe in Stuttgart, Germany. The materials open new doors for heat and sound insulating applications in the automotive industry. ... Read more

SunForce™ m-PPE Particle Foam: Asahi Kasei introduces newly developed lightweight material for increased efficiency and safety of electric vehicle batteries


Lithium-ion batteries constitute an essential component of the electrification of the transport sector. Optimizing weight, size, safety and efficiency of the batteries is crucial to accelerate electromobility. With the m-PPE (modified polyphe-nylene ether) particle foam SunForce™, the Japanese technology company Asahi Kasei developed a material providing solutions for these challenges. ... Read more