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Thermoplastics have become a very common material over the course of the last 50 years. Industries originally started using thermoplastics due to their low price and the ease with which they can be processed, but these days their use has just as much to do with environmental factors and sustainability. For example, their light weight properties help to achieve higher fuel efficiency in the automobile industry.



Polyamide 66 is one of the most important engineering plastics in the world due to its strength, heat-, oil, and abrasion resistance, and workability. As one of only four fully integrated PA66 polymerization manufacturers, we are always capable of independently supplying the market. Our compounding technologies allow for global quality with local production, and our special polymer technologies make the material itself special.

We have learned a lot over the course of years working alongside and within the automotive industry, and our new technologies are a direct result of these insights. CAE is one of these key technologies, which has allowed us, in cooperation with our partners, to develop light weight vehicles by replacing various metal parts.


  • LEONA 14G series:

Standard glass-fiber reinforced PA66 material with excellent high strength, fatigue strength, creep resistance and heat aging resistance. As the most standard material line-up in LEONA material, the 14G series is widely used in automotive applications such as cylinder head covers, torque rods, engine mounts, bush and knocking sensor housings, and it enjoys a very high reputation with the customers.

Faced with advanced market requirements, we have developed a super high-flow grade to make thinner wall thickness possible in cylinder head cover applications without sacrificing heat aging resistance. Technical data will be available soon.

  • LEONA 90G series:

Glass-fiber reinforced PA66/PA6I material with excellent surface appearance and high mechanical strength. Though filled with 60% glass fiber, its Class A surface makes it possible to omit the painting process with lower mold temperature than competitors’ during injection molding process. Major applications include door mirror stays, roof rails and HVAC vanes.

New generation 92G, higher mechanical strength line-up introduction will be available soon.

  • LEONA 53G series:

Glass-fiber reinforced PA66/PA612 material with low water absorption, hydrolysis resistance and calcium chloride resistance. With its low water absorption and high hydrolysis resistance, this material is applicable for special injection processes using water, such as WIT. Major applications include radiator tanks, cooling pipes, and thermos valves.

  • LEONA Durelia series:

    Glass-fiber reinforced PA66 materials with improved long-term heat resistance to be used in the high temperature range of 150C to 230C. Engine downsizing with turbo charger requires higher heat resistance, and here we have a solution. Major applications include turbo ducts, turbo cooling pipes, and intercooler tanks.

    Durelia introduction will be available soon.

  • LEONA BG series:

Glass-fiber reinforced PA610 containing plant-derived components with low water absorption, hydrolysis resistance and calcium chlorides resistance. Major applications include radiator tanks and oil pumps.

  • LEONA low friction grade:

PA66/PTFE alloy material with significantly improved low friction coefficient and wear resistance. Our special compounding technology actualizes uniform micro dispersion, generating excellent performance. This series was developed for chain guides and various gear applications.

Technical data will be available soon.


Grades and Properties

ISO & IATF Certification



XYRON™ (modified polyphenylene ether, or "mPPE") is an engineering plastic with very unique properties, which is used as a polymer alloy in combination with other materials such as PS, PA, PP, PPS. As the 2nd largest manufacturer, we are able to provide reliable products to our customers all over the world.

XYRON’s electrical stability helps to make renewable energy products safer. PA alloy materials add dimensional stability to standard PA without increasing weight, thus making this technology ideal for the automotive industry.

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ISO & IATF Certification



Polyacetal resin (POM) is a well-balanced engineering plastic featuring superior mechanical properties such as strength and rigidity, as well as excellent friction and wear characteristics, dimensional stability and oil/solvent resistance. We are the only supplier in the world who produces both Homo and Co-polymer, and our broad line-up also includes ecofriendly grades like the low emission TENAC™ Z series.

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Thermylene ®

Polypropylene is one of the most widely-used materials in the automotive industry, but our focus is on glass-filled products produced via our chemical coupling technologies. In order to optimize the cost/performance ratio we enhance adhesion between the glass fiber reinforcement and polypropylene matrix.

With our vast experience in replacing higher hierarchy materials such as PBT and long GF PP, we are able to assist those who are considering reducing the weight of their products.

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